It's ALL About The Economy

The Climate Hoax Exposed

The $100,000 Dollar Challenge.

Exposing The Climate Hoax contains a $100,000 Dollar Challenge. If you can beat the challenge and prove it wrong, you will be famous and win the cash. Good Luck! (Note: betting is illegal in some states, in which case th challenge winnings can be donated to the winners favorite cause.)

The book is an examination of the climate debate from an independent perspective. This includes consideration of economic and policy perspectives with regard to how bad policy can seriously affect our economy. As is pointed out in the book, it really is ALL about the economy.

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Global warming, or climate change seems to be confusing a lot of people. As we explore the ‘climate hoax’ you will discover things that you may not have thought of in the debate. You may even find some points quite upsetting. Nonetheless, we should not be afraid of the truth about the hoax. It is a misunderstanding on a grand scale and liberal or conservative, you may not like what you find.


Exposing The Climate Hoax (front-cover) Exposing The Climate Hoax (back-cover)